Shed Removal

For safe and fast shed removal, get in touch with One Source Junk Removal. We have the knowledge and experience to bring down an old structure without any risks.

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How Our Shed Demolition Works

Tearing down a shed can be dangerous if not done correctly. At One Source, we know the ins and outs of shed removal and can reliably bring down any shed in a safe way that won’t damage property or cause any injuries. Our team will make a careful plan for the teardown, bringing it to the ground carefully and efficiently. It’s demolition expertise at its finest.

Choose the Experts

Go straight for the One Source pros. Our fully insured team will do the job the way it should be done—with extra care and precision.

Scheduling Shed Removal Services

That decrepit old shed doesn’t have to be a feature on your property any longer. In fact, you can get the shed removal you need as soon as today or tomorrow. That’s because we offer same-day and next-day availability to clients in urgent need of our services. So what are you waiting for? Call us now!

Cost Estimates

Once you’ve connected with us, we’ll ask for more details about your shed or similar structure. Then, we can prepare an over-the-phone cost estimate. This will help you make important financial decisions before confirming your appointment.

During Your Appointment

During shed removal and shed demolition, you’re free to watch, but you’ll have to do so from a safe distance. Our team has an intricate process they need to go through in order to ensure a risk-free teardown of the building. Once the structure has collapsed, we’ll get right along to the next phase—hauling the debris away.

Hauling It Off!

Our team knows a thing or two about hauling and will make short work of the shed’s remains. Before too long, all that’s left of it will be in the back of our truck. Then, simply pay your dues, and we’ll happily be on our way.

The Perks of One Source

One Source, based in Stamford, is proud to be the community’s number one choice for junk removal services, whether the job is big, small, or anywhere in between. People like a local business with familiar faces; they like the friendliness of our team and the affordability of our prices. And since we like working with our fellow locals, it’s a win-win scenario.

Choose local by letting us serve you. You’ll soon find yourself enjoying better service, better prices, and an overall better experience.