Demolition Junk Removal

Sometimes, the demolition is only half of the work. Once you’re done tearing down a structure, a wall, or something else, there’s often plenty of clutter left behind. Sawdust, drywall chunks, and other debris… it’s a sure sign that you need demolition junk removal from One Source!

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About Us

One Source Junk Removal is your local junk removal company, and we’re all about working around our community to provide our top-notch services! From our years in the business, we’ve handled many different jobs and have become veritable professionals. We’re bringing that expertise to you with our demolition junk removal! So we hope you’re prepared to become our next satisfied customer—guaranteed!

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Our team always holds your interests first and strives to please. We’re always ready to go the extra mile for you to ensure your satisfaction. Ready to work with us? Then give us a call or book online today!

Why Demolition Debris Removal?

Simply put, the leftover debris from a demolition can be a real pain to sort through. Think of all the various materials that you might have to haul away. Wooden planks, metal beams… sawdust, nails and screws… broken drywall and insulation… the list keeps going on. Swinging a sledgehammer is one thing, but taking trip after trip to the dump? That’s something else entirely.

Saving You Time!

With One Source Junk Removal, we’ll give you the full-service demolition trash removal that you need to save yourself time. With our extra-large junk trucks, we can do in a single load what might take you three or four. Plus, our team will save you all the strain of carrying debris to and fro. Think of all the time you’ll save!

During Your Appointment

When we’re on our way to your site, you can expect a courtesy call from us so you know we’re en route. Then, after we arrive, simply show us the demolition debris you want gone. From that point, we’ll be able to calculate a no-obligations quote for your approval. Like what you see? Then accept it, and we can get to work on making that debris vanish before you.

Fast and Thorough!

Our team works efficiently on your demolition junk removal. Count on us to do the work diligently without sacrificing speed! Then, once it’s all over, just pay your dues and we’ll be on your way. Alright! Now that all that debris is gone, you’ve got a reason to celebrate. Head down to downtown Stamford and grab a bite to eat!


  • We’re straightforward with our pricing methods and aim to give you a good deal.
  • Enjoy an over-the-phone cost estimate during our very first conversations.
  • Additionally, you’ll receive a no-obligations, final quote once we’ve met in person.
  • Unlike our “big box” competitors, we’ll never charge you hidden fees.
  • Our trucks can haul more in a single load—saving you money!